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Sea Among Stars

From the farthest reaches of space to the mysterious depths of the ocean comes a collection of stories inspired by the skies and seas. Perfect for fans of fantasy and science fiction.

My Story: Siren Song


Casting Call: Season Six

The characters take center stage! This lively cast of characters will surprise you, make you laugh, and rejuvenate your spirit.

My Story: The Fears


Tide & Scale

For all intrepid adventurers who wish to brave the dangerous waters, we bid you welcome into the deep blue. Sirens lurk here...but so does hope.

My Story: The Song of the Siren Sea


Animal  Kingdom: Havok Season Seven

Amazing tales and unforgettable creatures! Come experience the wonders of the animal kingdom like you’ve never seen them before.

My Story: Flight Across Stars


Fool's Honor

Tricks, twists, and fools! In this anthology, you’ll have a front-row seat to mischievous short stories and poems that showcase trickster characters straddling the lines between good and evil.

My Story: Hoax of Hades


Magic and Mistletoe

Quill and Flame Author Anthology

Read my short story Christmas Cheer 
to get a peek at Cloverfield
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